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 Q: Why purchase hand made soap?

A: A large majority of people have never used hand made soap before. Wait, what?!  Commercial soap sold in stores is often made with chemical detergents, hardeners and synthetic lathering agents. Some of these ingredients can be drying or irritating on the skin. Hand made soap does not contain these harsh ingredients and can be customized any way you like with colors, fragrance, exfoliants and skin-loving oils and butters. Handmade soap is a great way to use essential oils derived from plants and natural colorants from the earth like clays. Other fun, natural ingredients like milk and purees, can also be added to hand made soap. You won’t find those quality ingredients in your bar of store bought soap! 

Q: How are shipping charges calculated? 

A: Yeah. We hate shipping charges too! Most small businesses do. Unless you're one of those "Big" companies and have overtaken the online shipping world and can afford to NOT charge for shipping! PLEASE UNDERSTAND that shipping is one of our biggest expenses as a small business and when you purchase from us you are supporting a family!

Q: Why after using a bath bomb is there a ring around my tub?

A: Certain colorants like Micas used in bath bombs are not water soluable which may leave a ring around the tub. Don't panic! These can simply be removed by using a warm wash cloth, or a magic eraser. But wait! I prefer to use "Lakes" in my bath bombs which turn your bath water vibrant colors but WILL NOT leave a ring around your tub! You're welcome :)

Q: Why are the tops of my soaps turning grey?

A: This is called "soda ash". Soda ash can form when unsaponified lye reacts with naturally occurring carbon dioxide in the air and can sometimes be seen throughout the middle of your soaps. Temperature can also play a factor in soda ash formation. Soda ash is harmless, and it's nothing more than an aesthetic quality of the soap. 

Q: Why is there a circular pattern in the center of my soap?

A: This is called "gel phase". "Gelling" in hand made soap refers to a part of the saponification (soap making) process where the soap gets warm and gelatinous ~ up to 180 degrees in the center of the loaf! Gelling is extremely common in soap making and some soapers prefer it as it can create bolder colors. It doesn't affect the final outcome of the soap after a full cure, just how the soap looks. 

Q: Can I place a custom order? 

A: You bet! Please contact us to discuss your needs :)

Q: Do you make soap for bridal showers? 

A: Absolutely! We can make custom soap or bath bombs for your bridal shower, bachelorette party, birthday party or special occasion!  Please contact us to see how we can make your special day the BEST day ever!

Q: Do you offer refunds? 

A: Refunds will not be given. If you received your item and it was damaged we will replace it for free! However, you must send us pictures of the damaged items with 48 hours of receiving your items and send them to If you're not completely satisfied for ANY reason, please contact us to discuss a resolution. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied!